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Car Care Trigger Spray Bottle

Acid Resistant Sprayer with Heavy Duty Bottle 32 oz Heavy Duty Bottle

  • Super heavy-duty industrial strength sprayers have resistance to all chemicals and acids
  • Adjustable nozzle sprays from a fine mist to a jet stream
  • 9 3/4 inch stem allows sprayer to be sized for both 32oz -16oz bottles
  • Nozzle O-ring and piston cup are made of special acid resistant Viton
  • Superior results when used with heavy degreasers, acid-based cleaners, wheel cleaners, carpet cleaners, degreasers, window cleaners and even thicker oil based dressings

32 oz Heavy Duty Bottle

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Professional detailers need professional detailing equipment. The  Acid Resistant Sprayer is the heavy-duty sprayer designed to handle the most hardcore chemicals. The innovative design allows this heavy-duty sprayer to handle the harshest cleaners and chemicals. The acid-resistant construction can continuously spray acid wheel cleaners, heavy degreasers, and all-purpose cleaners with ease. The  Acid Resistant Sprayer features a fully adjustable nozzle that allows for precise control of where your chemicals are sprayed. The adjustable nozzle sprays 1.3 ml per stroke, 30-40% greater than a standard trigger sprayer

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