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Foam Wash Gun

Foam nozzle karcher, Snow Foam lance and foam cannon nozzler

The foam nozzle(foam lance) is used for applying contactless car shampoos and foam solutions on the different surfaces of the car. Such universal nozzles are actively used on commercial car washes.  The wide operating range of pressure (from 100 to 280 bars) allows to use the foam spray effectively both with mini car washes, and with different professional models of high-pressure equipment.

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 Foamy nozzle with the built-in net tablet, for ideal foaming.


Usage of a foam nozzle for contactless washing provides:


1) excellent foaming and dense foam, as on professional car wash;

2) economical consumption of car shampoos and detergents. On average for one washing you need about 200-600 ml of the washing solution (depending on car size);

3) the adjustable angle of foam spraying (from dotty spray to 90 °) and the dosed injection of detergent;

4) high speed of applying autochemicals goods provides fast car surface proccessing;

5) effective processing of hardly accessible parts (disks, door handles, the bumper grid, gaps between car parts, etc.).

snow foam lance china


The foamy nozzle consists of the following parts:


    Tank for car shampoos of 1 liter;

    Injector knot that mixes up car shampoo, water and air;

    Adjusting screw;

   The spray for stream angle regulation .


snow foam lance adapters china foam cannon

How does the foamy nozzle for a contactless wash wor


Foamy nozzle makes it possible to apply autochemical very quickly   even on hardly accesible surfaces. When you pull the gun trigger, the water stream passes through a foamy injector. At the same time washing detergent for contactless wash goes into a tank injector knot  to form washing solution.

The amount of the received foam can be controlled by adjusting screw, reducing or increasing air intake. Then you should wait for about two minutes and to attach a jet nozzle to a washing gun.

After you can easily wash away foam and all pollutions.


Tank volume


Max temperature:


Weight, g:



Max pressure

280 Bar

Water flow speed




snow foam lance china factory for high pressure washer karcher

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Packaging Details
1 carton box = 30 items, box size 41*51*51 cm. 
Packaging can follow customer demands.
Delivery Time
1-35 days

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