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Foam Wash Gun

Popular Foamer Injector, w/34 oz. Bottle high density

Compatible with most pressure washers, this adjustable, high-pressure foam injector provides fast, even surface foaming.

 It shoots over 20 feet of dense foam with a variable spray pattern, from pencil tip to fat jet. 

Adjustable chemical dilution and wet foam allow for more efficient use of chemicals.

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This 1/4 Snow Foam Lance Cannon Washer Gun Soap Pressure Car Foamer Wash Jet Bottle.By using this cleaning machine, you will get rid of much trouble. It is made into handheld and compact size for convenient operation. High pressure design makes this machine quite labor-saving. The built-in 1L capacity makes this cleaning machine enough to clean various items. It is mainly used for cleaning glasses, removing greasy dirt or sterilizing bacteria etc.

1. High quality and in a new condition
2. Made of high-grade metal & plastic materials with exquisite workmanship, durable to use
3. Adoption of high pressure for convenient operation
4. Ergonomic design for comfortable holding
5. Suitable for removing oil residue, dirt, greasy spots and sterilizing bacteria etc.
6. Bubble cleaning machine, more eco-friendly and clean


  • ItemFoamer Injector
  • Max. Pressure4000 psi
  • Max. Flow5.3 gpm
  • Inlet1/4" (F)NPT
  • Max. Fluid Temp.140 Degrees F
  • MaterialBrass
  • IncludesFoam Head, Pick Up Hose, 34 oz. Bottle, Size 1.25 Nozzle
  • For Use WithPressure Washer

  • 1x Snow Foam Lance Bottle + 1xPressure gun
  • Delivery time: 7~15 days according the different order quantity.

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